So, what's next, Monkeypox?

So, what’s next, Monkeypox? Monkeypox the next threat to humans, already spreading in Europe and United States. It was discovered 1985, and first human case was in 1970. This is a virus that belongs to Orthpoxvirus genus , which is a family of Poxviridae. Orthpoxvirus includes variola virus that causes smallpox. In 1972 epidemic of smallpox in Yugoslavia, which was last outbreak of smallpox in Europe , smallpox was successfully eradicated by worldwide vaccination. What are symptoms of monkeypox? If infected you will have fever, headache, body aches, back pain, swollen lymph nodes, chills and feel exhausted. In within 1-3 days rash will develop, then rash will turn in to macule, papule, vesicles then pustules and finally scab. You will be sick for 2-4 weeks, In Africa 1/10 people die from monkeypox. How do I get it? Transmission from infected animal, infected human, contaminated items. Animal -human transmission is direct contact, human to human transmission respiratory droplets, direct human contact with fluids, or lesion, and then any contaminated item. So, what is prevention? Isolation, avoid contact with anyone who is sick with the virus, animal or human, avoid touching any contaminated items , wash hands all the time , use personal protective equipment , gloves , mask, and FDA approved vaccine Imvanex. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for monkeypox that would be safe, so to avoid it and control it, the prevention is the only treatment. So good luck everyone and wash your hands. 

My resources: Center for Disease Control

Loreta Gia Stare, LPN, BSHS